SmartFEMS Process
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Fuel delivery to the bulk fuel facility on site.


Delivered fuel passes through a receiving fuel meter before entering bulk storage.


SmartFEMS™ continuously monitors fuel received and bulk storage tank fuel levels.


Fuelling stations and refuelling bowsers utilise the same fuel dispensing authorisation process: facial recognition (touchless authentication) is required for preauthorised attendants and equipment operators to dispense fuel. Preauthorised equipment is identified and authenticated by proximity sensors. The dispensing transactions are then authorised and the dispensing pump is initalised.


SmartFEMS™ continually monitors dispensing meter activity, regardless of authorisation.


All specified equipment is equipped with real-time telemetry units that automatically supply location, fuel level, run hours and equipment Operational Data to the SmartFEMS™ Platform.


All dispensing locations have SmartFEMS™ Platforms. The SmartFEMS™ Platform manages all communication, data validation and authorisations.


SmartFEMS™ is fully functional, both online and offline (with and without connectivity), with automated sync capability of all offline transactional data which is uploaded once connectivity is regained. Operational Data is then fed into the Transactional Dashboard & Power BI Performance Reporting Dashboard.